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Baron in Africa 70
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The late Werner von Alvensleben came from a long line of German aristocrats, yet far from a privileged and cushioned life, his biography reads like a Hollywood adventure movie. Imprisoned in Zimbabwe (formerly known as Rhodesia) during World War II, he escaped by digging underneath an electric fence in the rain and making his way by foot to Mozambique. He founded the famous Safarilandia hunting company that employed such renowned professional hunters as Wally Johnson and Harry Manners. Werner's safari company guided many hunting luminaries including Jack O'Connor and Robert Ruark (who found out he could not bribe Werner!). Follow his exceptional career as he hunts lion, goes after large kudu, kills a full-grown buffalo with a spear, and hunts for elephant and ivory in some of the densest brush in Africa. The adventure and the experience were what counted to this fascinating character, not the money or fame; indeed, in the end he left Mozambique with barely more than the clothes on his back. This is a must-read adventure story on one of the most interesting characters to have come out of Africa after World War II.


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